Sate Ratu, A Unique Satay Culinary from Yogyakarta

Sate Ratu, A Unique Satay Culinary from Yogyakarta

Sate Ratu is a culinary that is currently on the rise in Yogyakarta. Thanks to the delicious ‘Sate Ayam Merah’ that’s become visitor’s favorite. What makes Sate Ratu different from other satay restaurants is the innovation that does not use peanut or soy sauce.

Starting from Angkringan Ratu

Owner of Sate Ratu, I Gusti Lanang Trisna (left) and Fabian Budi Seputro (right)
The Owner, I Gusti Lanang Trisna (left) and Fabian Budi Seputro (right)

Sate Ratu did not start its journey directly into a satay restaurant. Starting from Angkringan Ratu in 2015, a year later, it changed to Sate Ratu which is located on Magelang Street, Yogyakarta.

Named ‘Ratu’ because it sounds traditional and has a philosophy similar to Yogyakarta, which is the government run by a monarchy. Constantly filled with visitors and wanting to grow, Sate Ratu finally moved to a new location, Sidomukti Street, Tiyasan, Condongcatur, Sleman, in early 2021.

Main Menu ‘Sate Ayam Merah’

Sate Ratu's Menu
The Menu

The main menu is ‘Sate Ayam Merah’. This satay is prepared from the best quality chicken meat which is marinated in its blend of spices. After that, the satay is grilled to make juicy satay meat. The taste of the seasoning is dominated by savory, salty, spicy, and slightly sweet flavors.

The creation of spices in processed ‘Sate Ayam Merah’ is the result of the experience of owners Fabian Budi Seputro and I Gusti Lanang Trisna, who have tasted various Indonesian culinary delights. The ‘Sate Ayam Merah’ menu has a non-spicy version, namely Sate Kanak, which won the National Champion in the ‘Ngulik Rasa’ Competition by Unilever Food Solutions in 2019.

Sate Ratu also has another innovative menu, which is Lilit Basah. Inspired by Balinese Sate Lilit, Lilit Basah is prepared from chicken meat by steaming and served with fresh gravy plus cucumber. For those who like spicy food, you must try the Ceker Tugel menu.

Cool and Comfortable Place

Outdoor Area of Sate Ratu
Outdoor Area

Sate Ratu has a comfortable place for visitors. The area is divided into 2, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor area becomes visitors’ favorite because they can enjoy delicious satay dishes under the shade of trees. In addition, the side of the indoor area has a cool mini-green garden.

Foreign Traveler’s Favorite

Foreign Tourists
Foreign Tourists

Sate Ratu was originally known first among foreign tourists thanks to TripAdvisor. Until now, Sate Ratu has been visited by foreign tourists from 85 different countries. Now, it’s packed with local tourists to students.

With a delicious serving of Sate Ayam Merah, the price is quite affordable. One portion is priced at IDR 30,000. The place is cool and comfortable, perfect for culinary delights and vacations with friends and family.

Sate Ratu can be found on Sidomukti Street, Tiyasan, Condongcatur. Sleman, DI Yogyakarta and open from Monday to Saturday, 11.00 to 21.00. For more info, please check on Instagram @sateratu

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